Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Brighter Future Counseling Services

Crisis Intervention

What is CI?
Crisis Intervention (CI), is intended to provide short-term and intensive supportive resources for the youth and his/her family. The intent of this service is to provide an out-of-home crisis stabilization option for the family in order to avoid psychiatric inpatient and institutional treatment of the youth by responding to potential crisis situations. The goal will be to support the youth and family in ways that will address current acute and/or chronic mental health needs and coordinate a successful return to the family setting at the earliest possible time. During the time the crisis stabilization is supporting the youth, there is regular contact with the family to prepare for the youth's return and his/her ongoing needs as part of the family. It is expected that the youth, family and crisis stabilization provider are integral members of the youth’s individual treatment team.
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